Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Identity and Trump

Some say that, as a Republican, it is my special responsibility to stand up to what President Trump is doing (in this case, banning people from certain Muslim countries from the United States and putting a tariff on Mexico). I don't agree with that because I am a lot more than a Republican. I am a libertarian for one, who believes individual liberty should be prioritized. I am a history teacher who sees a less-qualified repeat of the Jackson presidency. I am a Christian who believes we should treat our neighbor as ourselves. And I am an American who believes that what President Trump is doing runs contrary to our nation's principles.

What President Trump has proposed will have tremendous economic costs. It has been implemented in an absurdly chaotic fashion that is locking out longtime residents nobody fears with no warning. His proposal takes the real problem of terrorism and transforms it into a bogeyman (chances of being murdered by a refugee in a terrorist attack are 1 in 3.64 billion). It slams the door to people who need our help or lived here for years when we are a nation of immigrants. It shreds checks and balances by letting a president set immigration policy when it should be the job of Congress to write laws.

Similarly, basic economics dictates the cluelessness of Trump's idea to put a tariff on Mexico. We already saw counterproductive tariffs attempted during the Bush and Obama administrations. This time, we'd see a blanket ban on all goods from an entire country instead of a specific good from a specific country. Prices will go up, jobs will go down, and we will feel these effects worst in a border state like Texas.

I engage in politics because I want the government to stay out of our business, whether it's our wallets, our bedrooms, or our way of life. My beliefs and identities don't change because a president from my political party doesn't understand the role of his office or government in general. A president should never have this much power, whether his last name was Bush, Obama, or Trump. And my beliefs are why I'll fight abuses of power like this with whatever president comes next. 

EDIT: For those who think Republicans willing to stand up to Trump is the key to preventing bad policy, let's put our money where our mouth is. Last night Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announced his opposition to the Trump administration ban on immigration from Muslim countries, and he previously voiced his concerns on the tariff. 

Flake will probably face a primary and general election challenge. I donated last night.

You should too.

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